Dogged Justice: A Courthouse Dogs® Podcast

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Dogged Justice is an educational podcast focused on sharing the positive impact that facility dogs make in the criminal justice system. Hosted by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Jim Ha and Courthouse Facility Dog Handler Colleen Phelan, each episode will share a new aspect of the world-wide work of the Courthouse Dogs Foundation. Weekly 30 – 45 minute episodes will bring you insightful interviews from members of the courthouse facility dog community and deeper dives into cutting-edge canine science. 

To hear the origin of the Courthouse Dogs Foundation, check out Episodes 1 & 2 with Ellen O’Neill-Stephens.

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  • Episode 11 – Court Decisions That Support This Work With Ellen O’Neill-Stephens

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Ellen O'Neill Stephens

    This episode covers detailed and graphic topics related to the sexual abuse cases that facility dogs have been involved with. Ellen O’Neill Stephens provides a deep dive into the groundbreaking case that David Crenshaw and Rosie discussed on our last episode. We also talk about the appellate court process, and other cases that have impacted the use of facility dogs throughout the United States. 


  • Episode 10 – A Facility Dog’s Problem Solving Skills With Dr David Crenshaw

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Dr David Crenshaw

    Dr David Crenshaw of the Children’s Home Of Poughkeepsie joins Colleen & Dr Jim for a lively discussion about the various ways his organization uses facility dogs. He shares how their facility dogs have used their problem solving skills to support, comfort, and a good laugh. Also, Jim provides a lot of insight into why problem solving is so important for the dogs chosen to serve. 


  • Episode 9 – Positive Reinforcement in Chile with Cecilia Marré

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Cecilia Marré

    With ever changing environments at dispersed facilities Chile’s facility dogs face a unique set of challenges. Cecilia Marré Director of Bocalan Confair in Santiago, Chile’s programs join Jim & Colleen in this week’s episode to highlight the way they’ve adapted the program to fit their community. Using a facility dogs natural instincts & positive reinforcement training she discusses the way they’ve made adjustments to their program to accommodate those they serve.  


  • Episode 8 – Retiring A Facility Dog with Kim Gramlich

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Kim Gramlich

    Have you wondered what happens when a facility dog retires? Kim Gramlich of the Delta Police Victim Services in Delta British Columbia joins us to discuss the retirement of facility dog Caber. She also shares what it’s like bringing a new facility dog into the mix. As the first handler in Canada Kim is a wealth of knowledge on best practices getting started and managing a successful facility dog program.


  • Episode 7 – Managing Life, Schedules & Focus With Sergeant Tia Froh

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Sergeant Tia Froh

    Our first international guest from Saskatchewan, Canada. Sergeant Tia Froh and Merlot serve in the Regina Police Service. She shares how she manages her life, and schedules with her facility dog while working as a police officer. Tia also shares with us what it’s like to live in Merlot’s world. (more…)

  • Episode 6 – Training Both Sides Of The Leash with Carrie-Leigh Cloutier

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Carrie-Leigh Cloutier

    President of Courthouse Dogs Foundation, Carrie-Leigh Cloutier joins Colleen & Jim this week and shares how their 7 facility dogs have impacted her community. Training plays a big part in managing situations and environments that facility dogs and their handlers work in. This episode provides an insider’s guide on how that takes place, and how you can be a part of creating a great environment for all to thrive and benefit from these working dogs in any community. (more…)

  • Episode 5 – The Mission Of Courthouse Dogs Foundation with Celeste Walsen

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Celeste Walsen

    Executive Director of the Courthouse Dogs Foundation Celeste Walsen shares the impact and ongoing mission of the organization. This episode explores the complexity of raising and selecting facility dogs and why these roles aren’t for just any dog. Celeste also shares the value of this training, and some of the legal aspects of working facility dogs. (more…)

  • Episode 4 – Meet Facility Dog Handler Colleen Phelan

    with Dr Jim Ha and Colleen Phelan

    Colleen shares her winding path from volunteering to a Special Victims Advocate and Facility Dog Handler. She and Jim also dive deep into how the mind-body connection with yourself can positively impact your relationship with your facility dog. Also, Jim shares how he was connected to his “career changer” dog. (more…)

  • Episode 3 – Meet Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Jim Ha

    with Dr Jim Ha and Colleen Phelan

    Dr Jim Ha, co-host of Dogged Justice, has dedicated his life to the study of animal behavior. In this episode, he gives us a glimpse of his career and education. He also shares how he applied his knowledge and research to benefit the communities he serves including the Courthouse Dogs Foundation.  (more…)

  • Episode 2 – History Of The Courthouse Dogs Foundation With Ellen O’Neill Stephens (Part 2)

    with Dr Jim Ha with Colleen Phelan and Ellen O'Neill Stephens

    Our interview with Ellen continues as she shares how Jeeter, Ellie, and Molly cleared the path for the facility dogs serving in courthouses today. Colleen and Jim reflect on how they became involved with the organization as well. Ellen concludes by sharing how Courthouse Dogs Foundation promotes and facilitates the use of dogs in the justice system and what you can do to support the mission. (more…)

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