Episode 8 – Retiring A Facility Dog with Kim Gramlich

Have you wondered what happens when a facility dog retires? Kim Gramlich of the Delta Police Victim Services in Delta British Columbia joins us to discuss the retirement of facility dog Caber. She also shares what it’s like bringing a new facility dog into the mix. As the first handler in Canada Kim is a wealth of knowledge on best practices getting started and managing a successful facility dog program.

Episode Highlights 

0:45 – Meet Kim Gramlich with the Delta Police Services in Delta British Columbia

3:38 – The NOVA conference leads to the discovery of facility dogs 

5:30 – Creation of a facility program in Canada 

6:30 – Kim meets her facility dog Caber in 2010 

8:05 – Signs a facility dog is close to retirement

10:50 – Changes in Caber that Kim observed

12:00 – Jim shares health issues that could impact the facility dog as well

14:30 – Colleen & Jim reflect on changes they’ve noticed as their dogs have aged

16:45 – Finding an internal champion to support the program

18:30 – Winston Sason helps proactively address concerns 

21:00 – Educating those that are still not familiar with the facility dogs in court

22:15 – How Canada’s testimonial accommodation supports those testifying during legislation

27:15 – The handlers role during testimonial accommodation

28:00 – Acclimating the dog to different standards internationally

30:30 – Caber & Puma’s personality differences 

33:40 – Colleen’s experiences with Russell & Blake 

36:15 – Reminding and reinforcing commands with Frannie

39:00 – The ways our learned behavior is managed

40:00 – How COVID  is impacting the training facility dogs have

41:50 – Kims experience retiring Caber and introducing Puma to work 

47:00 – Colleen & Kim’s emotional connection to their facility dogs

53:15 – Creating the best situation for the dog and handlers

56:00 – Highly trained professionals equipped to navigate the graphic aspects of the criminal justice system

59:10 – Support handlers receive while doing this work

1:01:30 – The resilience of the facility dogs vs your pet at home

1:03:00 – Studying the mental health of both the handlers and facility dogs 

1:04:45 – Facility dogs help those within an organization manage daily stress

1:06:30 – How these programs benefit all first responders  

1:07:50 – Cabers most impactful moment as a facility dog

Links To References

National Association For Victims Assistance 

Pacific Assistance Dogs Foundation 

Justice Facility Dogs Canada

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