Episode 6 – Training Both Sides Of The Leash with Carrie-Leigh Cloutier

President of Courthouse Dogs Foundation, Carrie-Leigh Cloutier joins Colleen & Jim this week and shares how their 7 facility dogs have impacted her community. Training plays a big part in managing situations and environments that facility dogs and their handlers work in. This episode provides an insider’s guide on how that takes place, and how you can be a part of creating a great environment for all to thrive and benefit from these working dogs in any community.


Episode Highlights 

1:40 – Meet Carrie-Leigh Cloutier CEO of the Chaves County Courthouse Program in Roswell, New Mexico 

3:30 – Zia the CASA dog

4:30 – The transformation of a facility dog when putting their vest on

8:20 – Carrie-Leigh’s role with Courthouse Dogs Foundation 

11:00 – The 7 facility dogs in Roswell, New Mexico

14:30 – Chance meeting & quick adoption of the program

16:45 – Emma the labradors impact on the community

19:50 – Labradoodle Moose helps children during family visitations

21:05 – Cognitive therapy games with families and the facility dog

23:30 – Facility dog assists in “goodbye visits”

25:00 – The power of holding the dogs leash

29:30 – Why facility dogs & their handlers are best used during community trauma

34:00 – The added benefits to staff members working in proximity to facility dogs 

39:00 – Jim shares the science behind why dogs are sensitive to people’s emotions

41:15 – A handlers part in letting the facility dog work 

42:00 – Lessons Carrie-Leigh has learned facilitating this program

45:45 – Creating a support system for handlers & facility dogs

51:15 – Establishing stable co-parenting environments 

53:45 – Controlling the facility dogs diet 

57:00 – Challenges with taking the facility dog into the world

1:00:00 – The presence of a facility dog providing support to children testifying 

1:02:00 – What donations to Courthouse Dogs Foundation support


Links To References

Casa Kids – Roswell New Mexico

Assistance Dogs Of The West


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