Episode 9 – Positive Reinforcement in Chile with Cecilia Marré

With ever changing environments at dispersed facilities Chile’s facility dogs face a unique set of challenges. Cecilia Marré Director of Bocalan Confair in Santiago, Chile’s programs join Jim & Colleen in this week’s episode to highlight the way they’ve adapted the program to fit their community. Using a facility dogs natural instincts & positive reinforcement training she discusses the way they’ve made adjustments to their program to accommodate those they serve.  

Episode Highlights 

1:11 – Meet Cecilia Marré director of Bocalan Confair in Santiago, Chile 

2:15 – Cecilia invites Courthouse Dogs Foundation to Chile

3:45 – Chile’s dispersed criminal justice system

6:00 – Adopting forensic interviews 

7:40 – The environments facility dogs & handlers navigate in Chile

11:05 – Jim explains what traits are sought after in these working dogs

14:15 – Paseta the labrador the first facility dog in Chile

18:45 – Trusting the facility dog to guide interactions

21:30 – Using facility and support dogs through the criminal justice process

24:00 – Sitting on the sidelines as a handler while court is taking place

25:30 – When the facility dogs are brought in for bonding sessions 

31:00 – The combination of animal assisted intervention & support 

35:15 – How Courthouse Dogs Foundation helped Cecilia integrate the program

37:45 – The importance of the facility dog’s support team 

40:30 – Inhibition in the dogs 

42:15 – Being able to laugh at the fun moments as well

45:00 – Professional training is creating success in the programs

46:00 – Building a relationship with the facility dog during training

50:00 – Using independence helps build trust & community 

53:20 – The problem solving that comes with a facility dog

56:00 – Handlers role as a guide vs controlling the situations

1:02:30 – The process of breeding and raising facility dogs in Chile

1:05:00 – Programs offered by Boclan Confair

1:08:00 – How the dogs interact with each other when they are at home

1:13:00 – Exposing the handlers to other animals 


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