Episode 3 – Meet Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist Dr. Jim Ha

Dr Jim Ha, co-host of Dogged Justice, has dedicated his life to the study of animal behavior. In this episode, he gives us a glimpse of his career and education. He also shares how he applied his knowledge and research to benefit the communities he serves including the Courthouse Dogs Foundation. 

Episode Highlights

1:00 – Jim’s father inspires him early 

3:00 – Education & early career

5:00 – Field PHD Research. 

7:30 – Postdoctoral Research 

10:30 – Shifting from cognitive to behavioral studies 

15:45 – Helping apply animal behavior in homes

18:30 – How Animal Behavior Associates of Washington came to be

23:30 –  What Jim hopes to share on this podcast

24:00 – Resources Jim has created

27:00 – Courthouse Dogs Foundation 

31:30 – The special relationship between humans and dogs

36:00 – How science plays a part in understanding the benefits of dogs


Links To References

University of Washington Certificate in Applied Animal Behavior

Dog Behavior – Modern Science & Our Canine Companions

Dr Jim’s Credentials

Millersville University, BA Biology, 1980

Wake Forest University, MA Biology, 1983

Colorado State University, PhD Zoology, 1989

Research Professor, University of Washington, 1992-present 

Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, 2004-present 

Owner, Animal Behavior Associates of Washington education and consulting 

Owner, DrJimHa.com education and consulting

Connect with Jim or learn more about his work on his website at drjimha.com


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