Episode 7 – Managing Life, Schedules & Focus With Sergeant Tia Froh

Our first international guest from Saskatchewan, Canada. Sergeant Tia Froh and Merlot serve in the Regina Police Service. She shares how she manages her life, and schedules with her facility dog while working as a police officer. Tia also shares with us what it’s like to live in Merlot’s world.

You can follow along with Merlot on Instagram at padsk9merlot.

Episode Highlights 

1:00 – Meet Sgt Tia Froh & Merlot of the Regina Police Service in Saskatchewan Canada

2:30 – Many facility dogs serve throughout the justice process. 

3:20 – The “Point of First Contact Principal”

4:30 – Greeting those coming to the facility

5:30 – The facility that Tia and Merlot work in

8:00 – What the Canadian justice and legal system looks like

10:10 – Additional team members in the community

11:00 – How facility dogs get involved in the justice system

14:10 – Building confidence 

15:30 – Merlot the Accredited Justice Facility Dog

19:15 – Understanding working vs not working time for the facility dog

22:30 – Jim explains the mental strength facility dogs need to have

25:40 – Facility dogs behavioral changes during down time

31:20 – Managing Merlot’s schedule 

35:40 – Supporting officers in critical mission debriefs 

37:35 – Canada’s criminal code support person explained

39:300 – Support person roles in cases in Canada and the United States

44:0 – How the facility dogs know who to serve 

47:30 – The role of a handler to help prioritize the facility dogs attention

50:45 – Tia’s journey to becoming a handler 

56:00 – Adjustments to work and personal life after becoming a handler

1:00:30 – Recognizing the facility dogs help the handlers as well

1:04:45 – Settling into the environment as time goes on

1:06:30 – Covid scheduling changes

1:08:30 – Highlighting Merlot’s work on Social Media

1:10:00 – Educating & building community engagement with police officers 

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