Episode 2 – History Of The Courthouse Dogs Foundation With Ellen O’Neill Stephens (Part 2)

Our interview with Ellen continues as she shares how Jeeter, Ellie, and Molly cleared the path for the facility dogs serving in courthouses today. Colleen and Jim reflect on how they became involved with the organization as well. Ellen concludes by sharing how Courthouse Dogs Foundation promotes and facilitates the use of dogs in the justice system and what you can do to support the mission.

Show Notes

0:45 – Jeeter makes an impact with Chelsea 

6:20 – Assisting sexual assault victims & prosecutors in criminal court 

12:00 – Convincing prosecutors, judges and training organizations 

14:45 – Ellen spreads the word in 2004 after the first dog is placed in King County

16:30 – Celeste recruits Ellen to join her alongside the endeavor 

17:15 – Courthouse Dogs Foundation is born 

18:10 – What the program looks like today

21:15 – Colleen reflects on being introduced to facility dogs

24:00 – Ellie the first dog in King County

25:30 – Jim is convinced after meeting Molly 

30:35 – How Courthouse Dogs Foundation support dogs & those they serve

32:30 – Partnering with various organizations & courthouses to meet demand

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