Episode 10 – A Facility Dog’s Problem Solving Skills With Dr David Crenshaw

Dr David Crenshaw of the Children’s Home Of Poughkeepsie joins Colleen & Dr Jim for a lively discussion about the various ways his organization uses facility dogs. He shares how their facility dogs have used their problem solving skills to support, comfort, and a good laugh. Also, Jim provides a lot of insight into why problem solving is so important for the dogs chosen to serve. 

Episode Highlights 

1:37 – David shares how Dr Jim’s work has impacted his efforts

2:15 – Meet Dr David Crenshaw of the Children’s Home Of Poughkeepsie 

4:40 – The specialized programs they offer

5:30 – Nuevas Alas serving immigrant children

6:45 – Safe Harbour program for youth sex trafficking victims

7:45 – Group Emergency Foster Care for siblings

9:00 – Navigating the campus of services

10:00 – David finds Courthouse Dogs Foundation

14:00 – Rosie from ECAD works with 2 children

17:00 – David’s observations of Rosie’s impact

20:15 – Jim reflects on the past 10 years of  adoption of facility dog programs

24:20 – The importance of problem solving skills in these dogs

28:10 – The current projects Jim is working on the science of play

30:00 – Rosie is reunited with Dale but continues to show up

31:00 – An example of the work Rosie did in court

34:15 – The transition of facility dogs

37:30 – Gentle soft touch to the dogs provides healing to the children

38:45 – Benefiting from establishing boundaries

41:00 – Teens working with Ace the labrador

44:30 – Our connection to the animals 

45:30 – Calming comfort through all areas of life

48:00 – Letter exchange with Ace

50:50 – Elvis the approachable one 

51:45 – Marshall working with the Safe Harbour program

53:15 – Facility dogs supporting all of those in this process

54:30 – Intuitive problem solving the dogs inherently have

55:00 – Hilarious problem solving example

58:00 – Knowing where the facility dogs will serve best 

1:01:30 – What a bark or howl is telling a handler

1:02:30 – Colleen shares how Russel was impacted by pain of a person

1:04:45 –  Rosie goes to college & Jim tells us how dogs sense their stress

Links To References

Children’s Home Of Poughkeepsie 

ECAD – Educated Canines Assisting with Disabilities

This episode is marked explicit due to the nature of some of the topics discussed.

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