Mission and Vision

Training professionals working in the legal system for successful partnerships with courthouse facility dogs


The Courthouse Dogs Foundation works to reduce trauma for all vulnerable people in the justice system.


Our mission is to promote justice with compassion through the use of professionally-trained facility dogs to provide support to everyone in the justice system.

(These facility dogs are graduates of assistance dog organizations accredited by Assistance Dogs International.)



As an independent nonprofit organization, we strive to accomplish our mission by:

  • Educating members of the public and legal professionals about the benefits of courthouse facility dogs assisting vulnerable people in the legal system.
  • Guiding governmental agencies (prosecutor offices and law enforcement agencies) and nonprofit organizations (child advocacy centers and victim advocacy groups) in program development using a best practices model.
  • Supporting assistance dog organizations, that are members of Assistance Dogs International, that train and place facility dogs with legal professionals working with victims, witnesses and other vulnerable people involved in the investigation and prosecution of crimes and other stressful legal proceedings.
  • Encouraging and facilitating scientific research on the use of courthouse facility dogs.

Over the past few years, we have carried out our mission by:

  • Speaking to thousands of people in person at conferences, workshops, and training presentations.
  • Providing comprehensive consultation on program development via phone and email.
  • Fostering program development for more than 300 successful Courthouse Dog Programs.

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