How We Can Help You

Training people for successful partnerships with courthouse facility dogs

Courthouse Dogs Foundation is dedicated to promoting justice through the use of professionally trained courthouse facility dogs to provide emotional support to everyone in the justice system. We offer our experience and expertise to assist your agency in the development of a successful Courthouse Dog® Program.

Free Consultation

We can help you via phone or email consultation with every phase of program development. There is no cost for this service from our nonprofit. Please get in touch with us if you are contemplating adding a courthouse facility dog to your agency. Some of our frequently asked questions include:

  • Who should be the handler?
  • Where will we get a dog?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • How do we convince our judges that this is a good idea?

Lively, Engaging Presentations

  • One to three hour presentations for audiences of any size
  • Informative talks with photos and videos of professionals working with dogs
  • For judges, prosecutors, forensic interviewers, victim advocates, child advocacy center professionals, law enforcement officers, nonprofit boards of directors, funding agencies. We can usually arrange to offer CLE credit for our presentations to legal audiences.

One-Day Workshops

  • For child advocacy center professionals and others working with child victims and witnesses, law enforcement officers, attorneys, domestic violence/sexual assault units, treatment court teams
  • Absorbing, information-packed workshop for up to 30 attendees
  • Active learning opportunity with trained courthouse facility dog

Low-cost On-site Technical Assistance

We can help you develop a road map for a facility program in your jurisdiction. An on-site visit helps us understand your unique situation and gives us time to meet one-on-one or in small groups with your judges, law enforcement, county council, community members, and other stake holders. We can offer you detailed, specific information to enable you to design an effective dog program.

With a full understanding of your office, we can help you develop policies and protocols, educate your staff, acquire a professionally-trained dog, and integrate the dog into your office.

Courthouse Dogs Foundation will help you make your program a success. Please contact us for further information.

For a free consultation, Contact us today