Episode 19 – Upcoming Virtual Symposium on Responding to Incidents of Mass Victimization

This episode spotlights the upcoming training opportunity presented by the Courthouse Dogs Foundation on Responding To Incidents of Mass Victimization. Colleen & Jim welcome back Kim Gramlich & Tamara Martin presenters at this symposium to give you a preview on what to expect, and help identify if this is the right symposium for you to attend. 

Click here to learn more or register for this virtual symposium. 

Episode Highlights 

1:00 – Personal update on Jim 

2:15 – January 20th, 2021 Courthouse Dogs Foundation Virtual Symposium on Responding to Incidents of Mass Victimization 

3:30 – Kim Gramlich shares the roles she fills when there is a crisis

6:00 – Tamara Martin from Alabama is also back to share her experience in these events

8:15 – What Jim has observed following these events 

10:45 – Creating best practices for response to these events 

13:25 – Being prepared and mentally focused as a handler for a Mass Casualty Response 

15:45 – Defining the role the dogs play at these events 

19:00 – Managing the dogs as a resource to ensure they have down time

22:30 – Asking the right questions to prioritize who needs help

25:00 – Jim shares what to expect when attending the symposium 

28:15 – Colleen recognizes how responding has impacted her

30:15 – The flexibility, change of routine, and requests that come with these circumstances

34:00 – What you know vs what may be asked of you 

36:00 – The emotional experiences that you will carry with you 

37:30 – Preparing for these incidents to limit trauma inside the community

39:30 – A hope that Kim has for the future 

42:00 –  Keeping in mind the purpose for the dogs 

43:30 – Knowing when the time to say “no” is appropriate

46:00 – Being prepared to say “yes” or “no” in advance

47:30 – Kim’s experience with Caber in less than ideal circumstance

49:45 – Willow impacts a man amidst the Route 91 incident 

54:00 – Caber was exactly what was needed 

57:00 – The dogs know the right way to respond, even when we don’t

58:00 – Jim reminds us the training and problem solving will kick in

1:00:00 – Details on the upcoming symposium

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