Episode 20 – Science, Training, and Research Behind Facility Dogs

Welcome back to Season 2 of Dogged Justice. This season Colleen and Jim will be focusing on the complexities of the science and research behind selecting and training facility dogs. Our hosts also provide personal updates and share the celebration of Molly B’s life as a facility dog. 

Episode Highlights

1:30 – Season 1 Recap

2:30 – What to expect in Season 2

4:30 – Science behind selecting these facility dogs

6:30 – Examples of research happening now

8:30 – Jim explains complexities in the evolution of scientific methods

12:00 – Updates on Frannie, Blake 

17:30 – Colleen asks Jim why Blake is upset when she gets in the hammock

20:30 – Celebrating Molly B’s life and service

22:00 – Jim shares his first memory of Molly B

26:00 – Colleen reflects on when she’s interacted with Molly B

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