Episode 18 – Puppy Raising With Kathy Zastrow

We’ve interviewed puppy breeders, trainers, and handlers now it’s time to get the perspective from a puppy raiser. Kathy Zastrow with Canine Companions For Independence joins us to share her unique perspective on raising a puppy before handing it off to the training process. She shares so many surprises and family lessons learned as well as some of her memorable moments. 

Episode Highlights 

1:10 – Meet Kathy Zastrow puppy raiser for & Northwest Region Board Member with Canine Companions for Independence 

2:45 – Volunteering for a new puppy with a catch! 

4:15 – Kathy’s children learn a valuable lesson 

7:00 – Family lessons learned raising puppies 

10:30 – The kids continuing the legacy

11:30 – Introducing the program to Aiden the first puppy Kathy raised

15:00 – A trip to the grocery store wins over the principal 

17:00 – Jared takes the dog on the school bus 

19:30 – 5 types of Canine Companions for Independence service dogs

21:30 – Supporting Veterans with PSTD

24:00 – What the process for becoming a puppy raiser looks like

27:30 – The behaviors and training these puppies have 

30:30 – The importance of socialization

32:00 – The funnest place Kathy has socialized a puppy

34:00 – Raising male puppies

37:00 – Placing a dog in the right job based on their personality 

39:30 – What the transition from training to working looks like for the dogs

42:45 – Observing the unexpected path the dogs take

45:00 – Watching Monty work as a facility dog

48:15 – A dog goes down an unexpected path 

53:00 – Prairie unexpectedly becomes the star of the class

56:30 – Colleen shares on Blake’s headstrong moments

59:30 – Kathy reflects on past placements & future plans

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