Episode 17 – The Many Aspects Of Breeding with Marina Phillips

While you may have assumptions on how working dogs are bred, there is still plenty to learn. Marina Phillips the Breeding Coop Administrator for Assistance Dogs International North America Regional helps answer many questions on this topic. Jim shares why the terminology is so important when discussing these topics as well. 

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Episode Highlights 

2:00 – Meet Marina Phillips a Breeding Coop Administrator for Assistance Dogs International 

2:30 – How the programs work together 

4:30 – Breeding Cooperative accreditation & member schools

6:00 – Sharing resources in breeding

8:00 – How the breeding cooperative began 

11:30 – Marina’s journey to the breeding cooperative

16:30 – The many aspects of breeding 

19:00 – Tracking the window of ovulation 

20:00 – Development of the colony of 

22:30 – The ways genetic testing is leveraged 

24:00 – Definitions for naming of dog characteristics 

28:00 – Developing systems to screen & develop for training

30:00 – Formalizing terminology to work together for best possible outcomes

32:00 – Micro Behaviors seen to recognize long term outcomes 

34:00 – Training handlers to spot the behaviors that benefit the dogs

36:30 – Marina shares how feedback influences what works well

39:30 – Behavior checklists and how facility dogs connect 

42:00 – Colleen reflects on the characteristics of Blake


Links To References

Assistance Dogs International North America Regional Chapter 

International Working Dog Registry 

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