Episode 15 – Minimizing Separation Anxiety & What’s Next On The Podcast

Colleen and Jim reflect on what has happened on the podcast so far and share how it’s already benefiting the community. They also share what you can expect on upcoming episodes. Jim also shares his best tips for minimizing separation anxiety when you leave your dog home.

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Episode Highlights 

1:10 – Jim provides a personal update 

3:30 – Support from the community during recovery

4:30 – Upcoming topics we’ll be exploring

5:45 – Selecting from the right genetics for the best start

7:20 – The experiences through training the dogs

9:00 – Features you recognize 

10:30 – Similarities within breeding 

12:30 – Exploring the assistance dog schools

13:30 – Recapping what we’ve discussed so far

15:00 – Colleen shares the 2 things she’s observed so far

17:35 – The impact this podcast has made so far

19:15 – The motivation Jim has experienced

21:00 – Connecting during this time apart

24:00 – November Virtual Race & Walk 

26:00 – Separation anxiety for our dogs

31:00 – Keeping in mind your dogs age 

32:30 – Puppies may be very confused when this is done

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