Episode 14 – Advocating & Teaming Up In Alabama (Part 2)

Continuing last week’s episode the Alabama network shares a wide range of experiences with the facility dogs they work with. Colleen also learns more about each of the facility dogs similar personality traits. We wrap up this 2 part series talking about the value of these networks in the community. Colleen provides next steps if you want to see a program like this in your community.

Tamara Martin (pictured) has facility dog Willow.  Tamara works the Office of Prosecution Services in Montgomery, AL.  Tamara is Grant Administrator and facility dog handler.

Ann Leith (primary handler and full-time handler) and Jana Thomas (secondary handler) have facility dog, Wilson.  They work at the National Children’s Advocacy Center in Huntsville, AL

Patricia Falcon has facility dog Kuzco. She is the ED of the James M. Barrie Center for Children (CAC) in Gadsden, AL

Tonya Willingham has facility dog Fitzgerald (Fitz). Tonya is a former prosecutor in the Shelby County, AL District Attorney’s office who switched from prosecuting child cases to being a full-time dog handler.


Episode Highlights 

1:30 – Observing Willow’s personality 

2:45 – Tamera is still surprised letting Willow work 

4:30 – How he dogs know who to serve & compliment the advocates

5:45 – Nervous moments that make a trial manageable

7:50 – Tamera’s future plans for a successor dog

9:45 – The planning that goes into managing a facility dogs life

13:00 – Ann & Wilson impact a child in therapy with Autism

15:15 – Jana observes Wilson creating comfort for a 10 year old girl

18:15 – The types of therapy that Wilson is included in 

19:30 – Outcomes advocates hope for when partnering with facility dogs

22:45 – Ann  & Jana describe Wilson’s slow demeanor 

25:30 – Facility dogs consistent energy 

27:00 – When the dogs are at training & are able to play

28:15 – Tonya shares how Fitz personality is inline with the rest of the facility dogs

29:45 – Fiz comforts two children during a challenging physical exam

32:30 – Colleen sees Blake working even when he’s off duty

33:40 – Staff in the facility see Fitz playing 

36:00 – Patricia shares Kuzco’s personality

38:00 – Commands Kuzco is working on 

40:30 – Kuzco’s time with the family translates to the office

43:00 – The extended relationships at home with the facility dogs

45:00 – Seeing the excitement as the community is educated 

48:15 – Tamera shared the benefits of their unique network in Alabama 

50:30 – How the network has impacted other communities 

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