Episode 12 – Facility Dogs Building Confidence Down Under

Colleen and Jim learn the unique ways that their peers in Australia have used facility dogs to build confidence throughout the justice system. Jane Kefford Client Services Manager for Assistance Dogs Of Australia and Julie Morrison Victim Engagement Coordinator for the Victoria Office Of Public Prosecutions and handler of Lucy / Suzy join us this week.

Episode Highlights

1:00 – Bringing the first accredited facility dog to Australia
4:45 – Coming to the states to learn from the Courthouse Dogs Foundation
6:15 – Jane Kefford breaks down the structure of Assistance Dogs of Australia
7:30 – Pups in prison program
11:00 – Transitioning the facility dogs from the handlers to the recipients
12:45 – Prisoners support of the program after release
14:45 – The confidence that this program brings
16:30 – Opportunities inside these programs for the prisoners and facility dogs
18:30 – A last minute change brings Julie and Lucy Suzy together
21:15 – The first time taking the liesh, Julie, Colleen & Jim recall that moment
25:30 – Settling into the process with the newly placed facility dogs
27:15 – Jim shares Frannie’s first flight
28:30 – Suzy Lucy the chocolate labrador’s personality & work
32:00 – How Australia’s justice system functions
34:45 – Lucy Suzy working in the courtroom
36:15 – Navigating the courtroom
39:00 – Allowing people to see the work.
41:30 – The specialized training Assistance Dogs of Australia
44:00 – How the community contributes to raising the facility dogs
46:00 – The socializing that lets them be ready for any scenario
49:30 – Resetting expectations around how the facility dogs are working vs off the vest
51:00 – Saying hello to manage a room
52:00 – Where the name Suzy Lucy came from
54:45 – Overwhelming need for more facility dogs
58:15 – Examples of Suzy Lucy impacting children in the justice system
1:00:30 – A wristband highlights the help being provided
1:03:00 – Victim impact statements validates the service Suzy Lucy is providing
1:05:00 – Connecting the handlers using this platform
1:06:45 – Finding better solutions for handlers


Links To References

Assistance Dogs Australia – https://www.assistancedogs.org.au/

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